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Hey guys! I’ve decided that since my dreamies page and dream pet-related junk needs to be updated, I may as well share future dreamies I wish to obtain on side accounts.

Here are a couple of them: Desjean and Jihng. Both are a duo, in both design and character. The one on the left is a Pirate/Striped crosspaint Meerca (Desjean) and the other is a Pirate/Snow crosspaint Yurble (Jihng).

Dress to impress versions can be seen here and here!

Desjean is a hokey “French” male pirate Meerca who loves to steal and retain as much treasure as possible, wanting to become the richest pirate in the Neopian sea. French is in quotes because, in reality, the whole accent is an incredibly phony shtick in order to look like a suave, cunning pirate instead of his normal, young childish sounding voice. Though he is suave and manipulative in his own right, minus the phony voice, he himself, without the power of weaponry nor brains nor brawn, is quite weak and mostly chooses to outsmart or flee an enemy. Whenever he gets into trouble (which is quite often) his partner saves him from his mess, to her constant chagrin.

Jihng is a female Snow Yurble originally hailing from Terror Mountain. Despite her body’s form and tendency to melt in hot conditions, she has an adoration for warm beaches and has dreams of sailing, even ignoring her melting self in order to enjoy her passion. Though she is snow, her temper and personality are not soft and are better comparable to that of indestructible steel. When she sets her mind on what she wants, she fights tooth and nail to get to it an has a very stern temper. Somewhere along the line she met the Meerca and they became partners; he became interested in her strength, determination and cunning navigational and sailing skills. As stated earlier, she is constantly having to save the Meerca out of situations he stupidly slips into. Regarding her melting issue, she tries to remedy this the best she can by literally acting as a cooler of sorts: she keeps her clothing always chilled within ice/freezers and she stuffs ice/snowballs/other cold objects inside of her to regulate her cold body temperature (note she is made of snow so that inserting objects inside of her own body is no issue whatsoever to her; this also proves useful in battle as she is hard to injure due to her body’s composition)

They both are sort of inspired by a reversal of the common and tired “guy is strong and saves girl” trope within popular media. I felt like reversing said trope would be adorable and kinda cool and I think it looks great!

I can’t wait to achieve these guys’ looks! Aaaah I am excited!! (Feedback on these dreamies is appreciated! :>)