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And here’s yet another dreamie! She is currently a Red Grarrl named Aziahis as of right now, but I am hoping to transform her into this beautiful Darigan Grarrl one day <3

Dress to impress found here!

Anywho, this little lady is, simply, an evil Grarrl who has a passion for destruction to an almost fetishistic point; if she sees something she can destroy you bet your ass she will destroy it or at least try her best in doing so, even if it’s impossible and doing so will literally make her try so hard she passes out from exhaustion. No one knows how this intense and psychotic passion started, but it perhaps came from her heroic fantasies of famous Neopian villains and how she admired their dastardly deeds. Maybe.

Any feedback, whether it be feedback on the character itself or customization, is appreciated! :>